diesel cars

Diagnostics of diesel cars

Proynov diesel service carries out diagnostics of diesel cars. The latest diesel fuel systems in light and light-duty vehicles require more qualified diagnosis for quality repair and maintenance. The team of professionals at Proynov diesel service are ready for this and are able to perform reliable and quick troubleshooting for all popular diesel branded cars.
When a vehicle has an unidentified malfunction, eg. uneven engine operation, ignition problems, noise or smoke the service offers the following procedures:
– Connection and communication with the vehicle control unit (ECU)
– Read and remove recorded errors in ECU memory
– Surveillance and real-time comparison between actual and nominal values
– Measuring each cylinder speed and compensation for smooth idling
– Verification of the connectivity and functionality of the electrical installation
– Visualization of signals and control pulses by current and voltage using an oscilloscope
– Function tests of actuators
– Programming the correction codes of the injectors into the ECU
– Adaptions, adjustments and manual regenerations (DPF)
– Compression measurement in cylinders and detecting any mechanical damages to the engine
– Measurement of the actuators insulation resistance using FSA 050

diesel cars

It is of great importance that diagnostics must be carried out by qualified specialists who can perform it with competence and identify the specific problem of the diesel car. An inaccurate diagnosis could result in unnecessary disassembly and installation of important components from the vehicle’s engine. With the help of diagnostic equipment certified by BOSCH and Delphi, the team of Proynov diesel service carries out a professional assessment of the engine condition. The long experience gained, the theoretical knowledge and the equipment used, ensure quick and easy specification of the problem.

We strive to be a leader in the Diesel Service industry and we pride ourselves in our well established and time-tested service. Our primary focus is our customer’s satisfaction and their full confidence in us. Proynov Diesel Service carries out diagnostics and repair of mechanical and common rail injectors and pumps BOSCH, DELPHI, VDO (SIEMENS, CONTINENTAL), DENSO.

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