common rail pumps

Diagnostics and repair of mechanical, electronic and common rail pumps

Proynov diesel service carries out diagnostics and repair of pumps by the following manufacturers:
Bosch, Delphi, VDO (Siemens, Continental) and Denso. The competence of the team is both in the repair of mechanical fuel pumps and in the repair of electronic and common rail pumps.

Diagnostics and repair of the following BOSCH pumps:

• Inline fuel injection pumps:
– type A, type M-MW, type P

• Inline electronic fuel injection pumps EDC:
– HR type

• Distributor/rotary mechanical fuel injection pumps:
– type VE

• distributor/rotary-type injection pumps with electronic diesel control:
– type VE-EDC, type VP29 and VP30

• Radial-piston distributor-type pumps with electronic control VR:
– VP44

• Common rail pumps:
– CP1, CP3, CP1H

Diagnostics and repair of the following Delphi pumps:

• Common rail pumps – DFP1, DFP3

Diagnostics and repair of the following VDO (Siemens, Continental) pumps:

• Common rail pumps – PCR2.0, PCR2.3

Diagnostics and repair of the following Denso pumps:

• Common rail pumps – HP3, HP4

Proynov Diesel Service offers BOSCH exchange pumps.

common rail pumps

common rail pumps

The following actions are performed during inspection and repair:

Dismantling the pump from the vehicle

Cleaning and visual inspection for mechanical damage

Testing of pumps pressure, quantity and timing of injection

Diagnosis of the problem

Replacement of worn components

Calibration and retesting the pressure, quantity and timing of injection

Blocking – specifying the timing of injection

Installation and timing adjustment of the pump to the engine

All pumps received for inspection or repairs at Proynov Diesel Service are initially cleaned. After that, visual inspection is performed for mechanical or other types of damage. Only then it is possible to mount them on the BOSCH EPS 815 stand, which is the actual diagnostic of the particular component. In electronically controlled fuel injection pumps, one of the most important tracking parameters is precisely the initial start of injection. In case there is a deviation or an inability to regulate it, the performance of the engine deteriorates, which often determines the diagnosis of the vehicle. In addition to the start of the injection, another very important point in testing such pumps is the equal and right amount of fuel delivered to the engine cylinders. The new generation of Common Rail pumps require special equipment up to 2500bar to accurately analyze the pump performance and efficiency. After completion of the test which simulates engine operation in all modes, a status report and assessment of the pump are issued. The specialists at Proynov service analyze the results and if necessary, disassemble the pump to find out the exact problem. If the customer wishes it to be repaired, the components of the dismantled pump will be washed in ultrasonic cleaning equipment. After a re-analysis of the worn parts, a decision is made on the need for their replacement. If necessary, it is only done with original parts certified by the manufacturer. Pump assembling and calibration is carried out using specially designed tools and measuring instruments. The BOSCH EPS 815 test bench is equipped with software for programming and blocking, and a rich database of test procedures that are required for quality and factory-approved repairs. The repaired pumps from Proynov diesel service are issued with a test report, guaranteeing a reliable and quality repair.

We strive to be a leader in the Diesel Service industry and we pride ourselves in our well established and time-tested service. Our primary focus is our customer’s satisfaction and their full confidence in us. Proynov Diesel Service carries out diagnostics and repair of mechanical and common rail injectors and pumps BOSCH, DELPHI, VDO (SIEMENS, CONTINENTAL), DENSO.

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common rail pumps
common rail pumps